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SCCM Monthly Patching Scheduling Practice

Over the years, I have seen plenty of organizations with multiple variations of patching schedules. During this period, I have found a schedule that adheres to security requirements while simultaneously incorporating...

Deploying Slack 3.0.5 to Enterprise environments

For those who are not familiar with Slack, Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services. Over the last year, collaboration tools such as Slack and Teams have...

Understanding SQL Connections to your SCCM Database to improve performance

There are times when you may see degraded experience on loading your console and with the values refresh. The first few pointers that come to mind are: Configuration Network SQL If the...

Office 32 vs 64 bit SQL Reporting

When performing Office 365 upgrades it usually becomes necessary to inventory your current environment for installed Office 32 vs 64 bit installations to verify you upgrade them to their respective architectures....

How to setup Office 365 the right way using SCCM

Over the years Office has had different install processes especially when it comes to enterprise deployments. I still remember the days we used to use the Office Customization Tool but with...

SCCM Boundary Group to Boundary and Distribution Point Reporting

I have always found the need of good reports especially while upgrading or migrating environments. One of those is while upgrading the OS on all the Site Servers pre SCCM upgrade....

How to upgrade the BIOS using GUI checks?

Following the article I wrote on capturing BIOS information in your environment which can be found here, I packaged BIOS packages via the traditional route in SCCM for a customer. One of the...

SCCM Stale Object Cleanup – Applications and Collections

Everyone knows that performing SCCM maintenance frequently is the key to a healthy SCCM experience. A lot of authors refer to tuning up the SCCM maintenance within the SCCM console but...
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