I have always found the need of good reports especially while upgrading or migrating environments. One of those is while upgrading the OS on all the Site Servers pre SCCM upgrade. I went ahead and created this SSRS report that should show the relationship of a Boundary Group to Boundaries and the Boundary Group to the assigned Distribution Points. Another component added was the audit of when that relationship was amended and modified. This allows me to organize accordingly.

I am a believer of managing SCCM in organized homogeneous manner and one of the findings over the years, in various organizations is that SCCM Boundary management issues could become, well … a non-issue. Keeping track of which boundaries went into which boundary groups and which DPs went into each boundary group can be tedious! In a fluctuating network environment, it can be flat-out daunting. Just have the right reporting mechanism could help with this.

IT folks usually provision their Boundaries in a combination of IP addresses, Subnets and Active directory Sites and Services. Even though IP addresses and Subnets may help for the one-of situations, I always recommend my clients, out of best practice to use ADSS. This simplifies the requirement of having to make changes within SCCM unless a new site is stood up and allows you to shift the management of the ADSS to the Active Directory team to maintain the ADSS with correct cadence from the Networking team.

I would highly recommend that once this report is uploaded to your SSRS, it be reviewed on a regular cadence to see how what changes have been introduced to your Boundary management or what changes need to be made.

The link for the report download can be found here.